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1.    PC with Tyan S2925 MB with  Opteron DC 2.2 GHZ CPU (2 cores) with 8GB RAM and dual Nvidia 7900 GS Video Cards and One 160GB HD and  and SB Xi-Fi sound card and DVDRW and DVD+-RW drives.

2.    PC  with Tyan S2885 MB with Dual AMD Opteron 285 DC 2.6GHZ CPUs (4 cores) with 16GB Ram and ATI 9550 video card and SB Xi-Fi sound Card and maxtor 200GB HD and HP DVD940 drive.

3.    PC with Tyan S2892 MB with Dual AMD Opteron 285 DC 2.6 GHZ CPUs (4 cores) with 16GB RAM and Nvidia GT 520 Video Card and One 200GBb, One 160 GB, and three 80 GB HDs and DVD drive

4.    Dell Precision T3400 with Core2 QC 2.67GHZ CPU (4 cores) and 8GB RAM with Dual Nvidia 7900GS video cards and Two 1TB HDs and DVD+-RW drive

5.    Dell Precision T5400 with 2 Xeon 2.5GHZ QC(8 cores) with 16GB RAM with Nvidia Quadro FX 580 video card with One 500GB and One 1TB HD and Xi-Fi sounc Card and BD ROm drive

6.    Dell Precision 690 with 2 Xeon 2.67 DC CPUs with 16GB RAM and Radeon HD 5670 video Card and Two 40GB drives and Two 80 GB drives and BD-ROM and CDRW_DVD drives

7.    Dell Precision 690 with 2 Xeon DC 3GHZ CPUs with 16GB RAM and Nvidia GTX 550 Ti video card and four 1TB drives and two OCZ 60 GB SSD drives and DVD-RW and BD-RE drives

8.    Dell Precision T5400 with Dual Xeon 2.67GHZ QC (8 cores) CPUs with 8GB RAM and Dual Nvidia 7900 GS video cards and One 250GB,One 1TB and One 30GB SSD and Two DVD+-RW drives